Sunday, April 11, 2010


Track has started up again. This year I'm going to do the mile, long jump, high jump, and maybe a relay race. I want to run a 5:30 on the mile, jump a 13'4" on the high jump, and jump a 4'6" on the high jump. I ordered my shoes a couple days ago. I was going to get these really ugly shoes with all different colors but a couldn't find ones without spikes, so I just got ones that matched our school colors, black and gold. Hopefully I'll write again to tell whoever reads this how I do in my races.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Track Season

I've never been in track before, even though I had the chance last year. I didn't go out last year because I had I cold for the first two weeks. Now that I'm in it this year, I found out that I'm pretty good at it. I do the long jump, the 1600m(mile), 800m, and the 800m relay with three of my friends. I've already had 2 meets. One I had yesterday. I still have two more to go. On the long jump I jumped a 12'2'' and took fourth place out of about 20 kids, and I jumped a 13'1'' on the one yesterday, but I haven't got the results yet. On the mile I ran a 6:23 and took third place, but didn't make my goal, to beat my 4th grade record of 6:21. On my one yesterday I took 1st place, but I don't know my time yet. I took 3rd place on the 800m and ran a 2:57, but yesterday I took 2nd place yesterday, but I don't know my time yesterday. Our relay hasn't gone very well because it is right after the mile, which we all run, and we are all tired. We took third in both of our races, but the first one was out of three, out second one was out of four. I'll fill you in on how I do on the next two meets as soon as I know.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Haunted Cards

After we got home from church today my dad and I went home teaching to a man out in the country. It was my second time going home teaching. When we got home from that my mom asked if I would like to play Dutch Blitz. It is a card game where you have a little pile of cards and you try to get rid of it first by playing on the table, but that is not the point. These cards are haunted! I had to organize the deck of cards because they were all out of order(there are four deck of cards). So I put them all in one deck and started laying them out in their pile that is their color, one by one. Each card has either red, blue, green, or yellow on the back,which make up the four decks, and within each deck is forty cards, and within the forty cards are 10 reds, blues, yellows, and greens. As I finished up splitting them up into their separate decks I flipped them onto their front side to see that every deck was in the exact order. All four decks were in the exact same order. The 10 blues, reds, greens, then yellows, in that exact same order. You never know, we might have a ghost in the house;)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have recently gone to a Freestyle Motocross event at the Recsh Center in Green Bay. Freestyle is where there are ramps and the contestents have a minute to show off to the jucges with their cool tricks, flying 40 feet in the air. .We got free tickets from our neighbors. My mom and Chloe passed, so it was a boys night out. We had fun. We saw lots of tricks like back flips and a ton of other tricks I don't know the names of. There was a half time show too where a lady shot herself out of a cannon 125 feet into a net. Her husband put himself in a box with 8 sticks of dynamite and blew himself up. I had fun at it even though I thought I wasn't going to have that much fun.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Brothers and Sister

As most of you know who will read this blog, I have three wonderful siblings. Two brothers and a sister. Here are some interesting facts about them.

Connor turned 10 years old on Valentines Day. The doctors at the hospital when Connor was born said that my mom should name Connor Valentino, so now on the week of Valentines Day I call him Valentino. Connor can be very funny when he is in a good mood.

Oliver is 7 years old and is anxious to be baptised in November. He likes to spend time with his family. Oliver was in D.I. this year and last year and did a very good job.

Chloe is an active 3 year old who often fantisizes she is a fairy princess. She has well over 30 dolls and babies and has a name for every one. She was in a play this year as a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz. So now she likes to pretend she is Dorothy. If you look at my mom's blog, you can see her in action.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Good Cook

I like food. It might not show, but I like food. So I love my mom, Sara, as our house cook. Her food is so good. I could eat it all day, hey, I do! I'm sure nobody's food could compare to hers. My favorite of her meals are her Navajo Tacos. They are tacos, but with scones as the shell. Thanks mom for all your cooking!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family pets

(*If you have tender feelings for little rodents, do NOT look at the bottom 3 photos at the bottom of this story*)

In my family there are three pets. I think there are five because I consider my brothers as pets. Our family pet is a dog named Poppy. Poppy is a sweet Shih Tzu with a quarter Toy Poodle. Poppy was born on 6-17-07. She does a good job putting through all the abuse from my baby sister Chloe. My brother Connor owns a cute little hamster. He calls it Peanut. It is our most recent pet. It is a good pet, but it is nocturnal, so we don't see much of it. My pet is an Albino California King Snake named King Albert.It took a lot of convincing to get my mom to go for this. We saw a poster at a building advertising it for free, everything! He is 5 years old. He has never bit anyone while being handled, and no, he is not poisonous. He is about two feet and nine inches long.

Poppy with her ball

Peanut the hamster

Connor the pe(S)t

My pe(S)t, Oliver

Mice for dinner

... half way through the meal...

Dinner is served. Bon Apetite:)